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AFRICAN PRIDE Olive Miracle No-Lye Relaxer Kit [Regular]

AFRICAN PRIDE Olive Miracle No-Lye Relaxer Kit [Regular]

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  • Gently straighten your hair while adding body and shine, with African Prides No-Lye Relaxer System.
  • This Lye-free Relaxer is a gentle but effective, long-lasting way to give you the straight, sleek, shiny hair you want, without using traditional relaxers.


Anti-Breakage Formula & Deep Conditioning


OLIVE MIRACLE® CONDITIONING Formulated to help strengthen and protect hair during the entire relaxer application process. This conditioning Anti-Breakage No-Lye Relaxer System leaves hair softer, smoother and more nourished than ever before. Our new vitamin-rich post-relaxer Aloe Vera Deep Treatment Conditioner packet is infused with Aloe, Castor & Biotin to deeply condition, moisturize and protect.

How To Use

Read the step-by-step instructions found in the kit completely before using.

Featured Ingredients

Aloe Vera- Nourishes, replenishes and protects against breakage

Castor Oil- Nourishes scalp and helps to promote hair growth

Biotin- Helps to support thicker and healthier looking hair.


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