My name is Olamide (Mrs Dee), founder and CEO of MII-SIGNATURES. My love for colors started way back when I was in Secondary School and also happened to be in Art class. I actually loved being creative with colors. I played with color schemes and loved blending colors.

The idea of MII-HAIRCOLORS was inspired when my sister decided to have her hair braided with ombre hair extensions and immediately I saw it I fell in love with it. MII-HAIRCOLORS is one of the signature brand product of MII-SIGNATURES.

We believe that a bit of colors on your hair won't bite. A lot of people do love their comfort zones of hair colors, so our mission here is to help people come out of their color comfort zones and embrace the new world of haircolors. We also encourage people to become the author of their own identity by creating their signature haircolors and not be afraid to have it on.

We are a brand and business that exemplifies hard work, courage and dedication to bettering the beauty industry one client at a time.