ZIZI Kiddies Braiding Extension is produced by MII-SIGNATURES.

The idea is to Enhance Self-Esteem and Build Confidence in Kids. Our connection with our hair starts at an early age. Being self-confident and having high self-esteem are important for every child because it allows them to believe in themselves, have the confidence to try new things, and face challenges. The effect of low self-esteem can be dangerous and long-lasting which could lead to withdrawal, isolation, and depression.

Many of us have memories of our parents or hair stylist making our hair as a child and the confidence in our beauty afterward. This experience in our childhood made up most of our formative years for which we learned, developed, and became self-aware. 

I do remember as a young teen going to boarding school and had to cut my long natural hair and when I returned back for the holidays I refused to step out of the house to join my friend as I felt odd, less beautiful, and suffered a low self-esteem because other kids had their hair braided and I had no hair. My mum had to instruct one of my big sisters to work out something for my hair…it was only after that I felt really confident to go out to play with my friends. No child should grow up not feeling beautiful, respected, or accepted. Our hair isn’t just something to style, it represents culture, pride, and identity.

Growing up into adulthood I came to realize that my self-esteem or confidence does not have to be affected by carrying a low cut or long hair. We are beautiful either way. And I wished what I knew now I had known back then as a child.

I, therefore, encourage parents to teach their Kids positive statements to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem by saying to themselves:

I am confident

I am brilliant

I am brave

I am bold

I am beautiful

I am not a quitter

I am a winner

I am a star

Some kids suffered hair loss as a result of illness or due to their parent’s choices and do not feel confident about their looks and lost their self-esteem. We believe beauty is for everyone and nobody should be left out and that is why we’re dedicated to empowering young kids to feel confident about themselves and their looks by donating a part of the proceeds of ZIZI KIDDIES BRAIDS charitable organization for sick kids.

Let's boost and uplift hair confidence in kids with coils, curls, waves, and protective styles like braids, Bantu knots, and cornrows.